Work of the Magic Painter


Work of the Magic Painter

October 16, 2010. 7:37 a.m. Approx. 5200 m above mean sea level.
This picture was taken en route to the Thorong La Pass, Nepal. It was the last day of a 15 day trek. All exhaustion was forgotten in the presence of this magnificence.
Grateful, humbled, awed, honoured, proud, overwhelmed.


What kind of student were you?


What kind of student were you?

The larger of the two you see here is Calvin. He is almost 3 years old. I have always rued the fact that he has never shown much interest in training sessions. If he finds an open window, then no amount of treats or toys can tempt him to learn to do a trick.
The little one here is Sasha. She is four years old. She is an eager beaver when it comes to training sessions as is evident from the way she is smacking her lips in relish! Keen to learn, complete focus on her trainer who is me.
When I looked at this picture is when I realized just how much like me Calvin really is! I would also sit near the window in school & college. Looking out, either staring at a tree or delving deep into my imagination, completely tuning out the drone of the teachers’ voice.